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About us

Hello, we create videos

But you probably knew that already :)

About BAM

We have been working in video production for over 13 years. I am Tristan Baker and I created BAM studios as a specialty studio for capturing stunning cinematography and shoot live performances in a unique way.

The skills BAM offers are extensive, which gives us an edge over many other companies in this field of video production. Just take a look at our video samples, and you will see that we know what we are doing!


We also specialise in live shoots

We have tons of experience and love what we do!



We also work in corporate video

Tristan has worked in corporate video for over 13 years and in that time has worked with numerous brands and businesses in bringing there message out in TV ads and Online videos.

Tristan has vast experience as a director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colour gradist and Sound Designer. He worked at 'Louder Than Words' in Sydney where he established the digital workflows in production & post production, and led the creative team as the Creative Director. Click on the tab at the top of on the image below to see the Corporate showreel.



We do so much more than video!Citation

These days, you need to!

Not only do we shoot, edit and produce amazing HD video projects, but we also work in sound, music, graphics & design.

We cover all aspects of production, and are not shy to tell you! Tristan has engineered, mixed & produced rock/pop/folk albums, composed for dance and film, and edited music for various applications. He knows how to composite visual effects & create and layout artwork for print.

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Client Testimonials
BAM Studios did a superb job! I was so very happy to have a record of my show that looks and sounds sensational. Very excited! Thank you.
Jrisi, Hathor Dance Studio